Breastfeeding Out And About

We are compiling a list of places to feed your baby in public, in the UK - venues tried and tested by parents from all over the place. Click on a regional link below to see the list for your chosen area, or HERE to add your recommendations or warnings!

English County A - Z list

The North of England


Blackpool and North Lancs have a website containing an up-to-date listing of their locally-signed up Breastfeeding Friendly premises (shopes, cafes, pubs, restaurants and leisure venues) - which can be found here

We are told that Blackpool and Preston M&S have made Mums feel unwelcome for breastfeeding in those two stores. One of our Mums tells us that in a recent LLL group discussion she learned that some of her group have felt they had to leave the store to BF a crying baby. The facilities for changing baby are in the Women's toilets, not in a seperate parent room. Thumbs down to those stores then!

Lydie: The NEXT store is very breastfeeding friendly, or they have been to me at least, even offering me a glass of water whilst feeding on a hot day.
The Outside Inn just out of Blackpool (off the M55) is fine with BF in the eating area, I have had James clamped to me many a time and no one seemed put out, the staff are very child friendly.
In Boots go to the coffee shop and ask them to bring your drink..avoid the mother baby room.
Arlene says: Avoid 'Boot's baby changing place to feed in the town centre - it was really manky and stank of dirty nappies...! At the pleasure beach there is an actual BF room! Its in the ladies loos near the entrance. Its a bit cramped but its relatively clean and private.'
Shel: The Starbucks in Blackpool town Centre seems very much the sort of place I would BF - no personal experience but it just 'felt' right to me. Baby changing room is disabled loo, at the back downstairs, and clean and pleasant. Almost worth buying a beverage and a sweet treat for !!

Jo: Nursery Worlde have private facilities for BFing available if you ask as well as a seperate baby change area, and when we asked about their attitude towards BF on the premises we were told that most of the staff have breastfed so have no problems with it.
Maxine: "The manager of The Eating House, next to New Look told me she has and would again ask a breastfeeding mother to move to the back of the cafe (where she wouldn't be seen by other customers)... I made a swift exit." One to avoid there, then?!

Lydie: Bella Pasta in Lancaster is fine with BF, the waitresses - all young student types - were quite at ease serving me while I was feeding James but completely mucked up the order so don't actually recommend it totally!


Lydie: Recently went on hols to Centreparcs (Oasis Whinfell)and breastfed James in a variety of areas there and never had any feeling of doing wrong if you know what I mean, and quite reight too since its aimed for familys! In fact I was pleased to note the symbol for baby change and feeding areas were like a woman and baby, or it could have been a bottle.........either way you knew what it was meant and it offended no-one! Very clever I thought! I didn't use the facilities though as had no need to so can not comment on how clean they were but standards were high elsewhere so can not imagine they let themselves down with that.

Fiona: Cumbria is home for lucky old me, but a popular holiday or day trip destination for many. No shortage of family friendly facilities here, but here's a few of my favourite haunts:
Visitor Attractions: Muncaster Castle, Maryport Aquarium, Peter Rabbit exhibition in Windermere (actually states that BF is ENCOURAGED on their premises in their cafemenu!), Rum Story in Whitehaven, Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway, Brockhole Visitor Centre in Windermere. All these have nice cafes too.
Other good places to eat : Sheep & Wool Centre Cockermouth, Lakes Home Centre Cockermouth, Westminster Café Whitehaven, Kirkstile Inn Loweswater. And many, many others…

Rachel: I've just been on holiday to the lake district and fed in a couple of places not on the list: Chesters in Skelwith Bridge - fed at one of the outside cafe tables without anyone batting an eyelid; The Apple Pie in Ambleside - a couple of mums were feeding at the same time. Also in Keswick there is a vegetarian cafe which has a bf support sticker on the the door, The Lakeland Peddler, above the bike shop. I must say it was a much more positive experience than feeding where i live, will definitely be going back. Oh and the baby changing facility at Lakeland Limited in Windemere is spotless and there is a chair in there for people who want to feed baby in private, no nappy smell at all.

Tyne & Wear

Alison: The MetroCentre is very good generally with proper feeding areas. They also provide very large cubicles in the changing area so you can go to the toilet, taking your pram in with you (useful if you're shopping by yourself!) and then change the baby in there as well.

Marks and Spencers in the MetroCentre was also very good, a clean changing area with a separate room beyond it for breastfeeding with comfy chairs .

Newcastle Upon Tyne
Gillan says: Fenwicks - There's a nappy change by the 3rd floor toilets which is a really small and has an uncomfy bench, which I believe is meant for feeding babies - right next to the nappy bin!! The much better alternative, which I've done a few times is to sit in the comfy 'powder room' area nearby which is spacious (plenty room for buggies) with lots of armchairs.
John Lewis - this is the nicest 'parents room' I've come across in the city centre - feeding room is in a curtained-off booth to side of nappy change area (which is a bit smelly sometimes). Room is a bit small but better than Fenwicks and is at least slightly separate from the nappy change.
Mothercare at the Silverlink Retail Park, Wallsend - there's a room here specifically for 'nursing mums' which is really nice - comfiest room I've come across with gliding chairs, low lighting, relaxing music, mags to read and chilled water dispenser - lovely!
Marks and Spencers - there is a feeding room off the nappy change facility, next to Cafe Revive. But it's small and got nappy bins in (why,oh why?!), so if need arose I would probably buy a cuppa and use Cafe Revive instead!
Blackfriars restaurant - went here for meal and phoned before to book table and check ok with BF - which was fine - gave us a table with a bit more 'privacy', staff were lovely tho seemed a wee bit nervous around us! No smoking too which is useful for taking little ones.
John Lewis cafe - expresso bar on first floor - meet other mums regularly here and we've openly BF with no objections - odd funny look from older men, mind!
Sky Apple Cafe in Heaton - lovely veggie cafe where I havent actually needed to feed my baby but have seen plenty other BF mums feeding theirs!

Catherine: Seven Stories Museum: the centre for the children's book. Fed on 3 of the 7 floors and the cafe of this fantastic museum with no problem at all. The whole place is full of comfy places to sit and read books, and no-one seemed remotely bothered that I was also using them as ideal places to BF. The book den is particularly good - lots of cushions and window seats, all the books from the exhibitions and even a train set out to be played with. Changing etc. facilities were good too.

Teesside / Cleveland

Middlesbrough Town Centre:
M&S cafe - no problems/comments, just the wooden chairs though, no sofas
Mothercare - not bad, but it is in the changing room - very clean, a padded bench rather than chairs.
Boots - looked unclean and messy so didn't use.

Teesside Retail Park
* Borders (Starbucks cafe) - lovely, comfy sofas, staff offered to carry tray for me when I had the pushchair as well.
* Mothercare - not good, changing and feeding area just behind the door in the ladies' toilets so everyone coming in has to walk past you. Too small to really take the buggie in too, pram definitely wouldn't have fitted.

County Durham

Mothercare - has a nice clean room with sofas and wash basin

South Yorkshire

Sheffield have a 'Breastfeeding Friendly' scheme for business: find out more HERE
Meadowhall feeding room - "the one we used was horrible: tiny with hard straight backed chair"
Meadowhall Boots - feeding and changing room. They have this tiny bizarre little cubicle thing with a curtain round to give privacy from other mothers/fathers changing babies. Not a place to try and feed if you are claustrophobic! Needless to say I did not use the cubicle or curtain so the the poor bloke changing his baby got a full view! Lol!
Meadowhall Mothercare - typical mothercare feeding room and mothers nursing room. As I always have DH with me I have never been able to use the nice glidey chairs in the mothers room!
Kirsty: Mothercare's feeding room has lovely rocking chairs and was nice and private when we were still getting the hang of things. Busy though. Have fed in Starbucks loads of times but not very comfy there.
Michelle says: There are always lots of mums feeding at Forge Dam Café; The Blue Moon Café is also BF friendly (and does fab veg food!) and I have fed happily at Wasabisabi, the Japanese restaurant in London Rd. I'm not sure if they have a breastfeeding policy per se… but have been there a few times now and found it very baby-friendly.
Anne says: We are a beautiful Chocolate shop/cafe in Sheffield. We get loads of women in the cafe and would like to become more baby/breast feeding friendly. Have you got any advice or posters we could put up? We were thinking of making one room 'breast feeding welcome' for a couple of hours once a week (but obviously they are welcome all the time) to encourage mums to get together in peace and make friends. "Cocoa", 462 Ecclesall Rd, S11 8PX

Mothercare - typical mothercare feeding/changing room - bit small!
Binns cafe - lovely comfy sofas. Lots of space for pushchair.

M1 Woodall Services
Catherine: Northbound - fed successfully here without anyone even noticing.
Southbound - it was very busy when I was in here and we got stared at quite a bit. The tables are mostly set out in groups of six so you end up sharing at busy times, which is rather unpleasant if you're feeling shy.

North Yorkshire

Jill Mum of Lucy: We visited a soft play area in York with our littlies, called "Creepy Crawlies" (in an industrial estate just off the York ring road) and I was so impressed by a sign in the (spotlessly clean and very large) baby change which said, " Breastfeeding mums, please ask if you require a private room although please note that we ACTIVELY ENCOURAGE breastfeeding in our cafe" Woohoo. Not that I have ever needed active encouragement - Lucy wants milk, she gets it - but it was so nice to see a place for children acknowledging that a lot of them might need mummy milk and they don't want to be shoved somewhere out of sight. Recommended - a great time was had by all.

Strikes Garden Centre Cafe - I was not made to feel uncomfortable at all: staff very pleasant.

West Yorkshire

Mudiha: Tescos and Mothercare in Foster Square both have a nursing room as well as seperate changing facillities. The Kirkgate Centre has recently been revamped but doesn't seem to have introduced nursing rooms: however on a positive note, Primark in kirkgate were more than happy to accomodate me as were TK MAXX in Foster sq: in fact they offered me their largest changing room which had space for my pushchair, and a big wide bench for seating. Also Markaz Resaurant in Centenary Square has a baby changing room seperate from the other toilets which was a pleasant surprise.

Salts Mill have a baby changing room, and although it is also in the disabled toilet the space is bigger than any other i have seen, and the changing station is sectioned off and also has a chair for feeding..

Victoria Burrows from the Cafe in the Park has got in touch to tell us about her new cafe:I have just opened a café in Bingley, West Yorkshire which is aimed at mothers and children. Its in Myrtle Park, next to a playground and I supply sofas with cushions for propping up babies. A selection of toys and blackboard paint for older babies to play with while mum has a coffee, feeds baby in peace etc. I also make organic baby purees those wishing to wean along with high chairs, bibs and spoons.

Laura: If anyone's out and about in Ilkley, W Yorks I thoroughly recommend 'Escape' in the Moors shopping centre as a breastfeeding friendly place to eat. The foods great, there's a huge non smoking area, loads of high chairs and tons of happily breastfeeding mummies and babies. The staff are really friendly too.
There's a cafe above Escape called Oakleys too and thats got loads of space for pushchairs, plenty of high chairs and I've always felt very confident feeding Marcie there.
Anna: I've been to Escape too! Great place and no probs feeding.
Sophie: The new café/bar, No. 52 in Ilkley is breastfeeding friendly with comfy sofas too!

Anna: 1. Starbucks in Borders on Briggate - lots of room for pushchairs and some comfy chairs in the window that are great for feeding. No comments when feeding there (and go there every time I go into Leeds!) Lots of mums and babies. Changing tables in both ladies and gents toilets so you can get DP to change the nappy while you drink your coffee!
2. Boots in town - haven't fed in there but the parents room is really big and looks clean and has a glider chair in the corner with a curtain around it.
To be honest, I always end up in Borders! Will say though the Mothercare in Leeds city centre is really small and the mother's room isn't really big enough for a pushchair, and the seat is really uncomfortable and not very easy to feed on. Tried it once but to be honest as Boots is so near would now go there or even sitting on the floor in the shop would be preferable!
Mudiha: Debenhams has a baby room, tho only downside is that it is located on the fourth floor and it is very busy in the lifts.
Boots have a few rooms which are very nice and House of Fraser has a lovely large room very very cosy.
Having a very hungry baby i also found myself asking to use a changing room in Monsoon and they were very accomodating, they set me up with a seat, moved their clothes rails around so I could get my stroller inside.

Julia says: My BF support group has a leaflet with all the places in Leeds that are particularly welcoming for breastfeeders. Places off the top of my head until I get a copy are: The Roundhay Fox pub (Opposite Tropical World in Roundhay), Starbucks - Leeds City Centre opposite Boots have always been friendly. Maxi's Chinese restaurant, Bingley St Leeds
Places with Mum's rooms: White Rose Centre (Top floor near the food court.) Debenhams Leeds City Centre. Mothercare - Leeds City Centre
To be honest I've fed all over Leeds and never had a problem.

Ebony: The White Rose Centre - A specific communcal breast feeding room with comfy chairs (2nd floor near toilets) Morrisons Kirkstall - A breast feeding cubicle in the baby changing room Tesco - Roundhay Road - A chair is provided in the private baby changing room (free nappies also). Mother Care Crown Point Leeds - A communal area in the baby changing room - A bench is provided (which is extremely uncomfortable)The Light (Shopping Centre) - A chair is provided in the large private baby changing room which is located on the Upper Balcony floor The room is kept locked so their is a buzzer(nappy machine, play pen, toilet also) Boots Leeds City Centre Bond Street Upper floor- A glider chair (in need of a good clean) and regular chairs in the communal baby changing room -no privacy- Debenhams Leeds City Centre Level 4 (the lift is near the coffee shop) An uncomfortable chair is provided in this rather compact baby changing room Wetherspoon Pubs - Take a chair into the disabled toilets / baby change 

Asda - Pudsey - A  chair is provided in the large private baby changing room (free nappies, wipes, nappy bags) lower ground floor

Anna: Kirkstall Abbey cafe is really nice - has a children's corner with toys and some comfy chairs too, although not together.
HOWEVER We have now received feedback that a group of BFing women were asked to leave the Abbots Tea Rooms at Kirkstall Abbey in May 2006 as it was a 'cafe, not a club': Lynsey, speaking on their behalf says that these Mums had been meeting there with their new babies for some weeks at the same time on the same day each week for a number of months, buying drinks, cakes and often staying for lunch too, before the incident, which has shaken many of them so much that they refuse to return. Leeds City Council have been contacted by the mothers, but their letter of reply contained only the most perfunctory of apologies, with no comment on whether the employee was following company policy or not. We at BreastfeedingSupport have contacted them for clarification on their policy, July 2006.
October 2006 update - we are saddened to note that we received no such clarification or indeed any response from the council, and, rather than remove the entry, we thought it would be more honest to keep the entry AND the negative feedback.

Lynsey says: myself and my friends have found Salts Mill, a friendly place to feed our babies. The Diner is spacious, and there tend to be a lot of mums and babies, as well as families there (though no comfy chairs).

Kirsty: My favourite place to feed was Madison's coffee shop in the middle of the Kingsgate centre. Comfy sofas and staff happy to bring my coffee over when I was on my own and feeding (when it was quiet anyway.) Mothercare has room with standard bench seat, not very comfy. Local baby cafe in Deighton have a leaflet on breastfeeding friendly places in the town which features a lot of the cafes (inc fast food places) saying they are happy with breastfeeding.

Kirsty: Borders have nice sofas in quiet corners, their Starbucks there is always super busy (and always full of bottlefed babies it seems to me!). Boots have a feeding/changing room but it's a plastic chair behind curtain, not recommended.

Ikea Birstall - The best place for breastfeeding.  All the disabed toilets are large and have a breast feeding chair.  There is a chair is the baby changing room and a screened off area is provided in the Cafe (these are the most comfortable breast feeding chairs) Boots Birstall - A few chairs are provided in the communal changing rooms which also doubles as an adult toilet - no privacy- Castleford Freeport - A chair is provided in the private baby changing room located near the toilets Birstall - Babies /Toys R Us - A chair is provided in the private baby changing room located at the back of the store

Sarah says: I have fed in Pizza Hut in Mansfield today and everyone was fine with me. In fact a member of staff came over and asked if everything was OK with the food, took a drinks order and never even seemed to notice that I was feeding Beth! The other diners weren't offended and I overheard one woman explaining to her little girl that babies needed milk from their Mummies to grow big and strong like her!!
I have also fed in Mansfield Hoisery Mills Cricket Club. No-one has passed any comments (good or bad)

East Yorkshire

Wendy tells us: in Swabys Yard theres a little sandwich shop  called 2go: they are breast feeding friendly. There's a table and chairs in the shop and much more outside. The owner, Penny, will happily support anyone who recieves any negative remarks!

Greater Manchester

The Trafford Centre
Lydie: Trafford Ctr has lovely facillities (breastfeeding rooms available at every set of toilets) but you know, I have only used a breasfeeding room once there, I just get on with it really and only had one comment from a table cleaner who suggested I may prefer to go to a quiet feeding room but I told her we were all having lunch together, baby too . At the time I was a tad annoyed but looking back she maybe thought I just was not aware that they had places to go to and I probally did look like I was getting in a self concious flap as James kept wriggling around!
Shel: The Trafford Centre has actually won an award for being BF Friendly - they are happy for Mums to BF anywhere - so far I have tried the designated feeding rooms, park benches on most malls, walking while BF (when baby was TINY!) in some shops incl Birthdays where no one batted an eyelid, and several restaurants - Dexters and Tiggis (Update 2008: Tiggis has gone now but Carluccios and Cathay Dim Sum are also great) in particular where at one point a group of four of us were BFing at the same time, and also Starbucks who have lovely comfy seats and staff who don't bat an eyelid regardless of age of child or number of lactating customers!
Amanda: Also at the Trafford centre there are baby change facilities in Boots, Debenhams, BHS and Selfridges. Boots is best, the rest are one room with one baby changing facility. Boots has curtained off areas.
Lynne: The 'Brasserie' Restaurant in John Lewis at the Trafford Centre, Manchester is split into 2 and families and people with children sit in an area where you can take a pram. There are also little booths to sit at for your meal. I have fed my baby in there several times and have observed other women doing the same with no problems. The staff were happy for me to do this. There are also nice toilets and changing facilities in there. It's not a place for a cheap lunch though!

In 2005 the Trafford Centre removed the signs on the doors which read 'breastfeeding room' and replaced them with a sign depicting a baby bottle. We emailed them to see if their policy had changed, but we never heard back - however within a few weeks discovered that they had taken down their pictures of a bottle and replaced them with a picture of a mother holding a baby on every BF room in the complex - yay to them, and to the power of persuasion and letter writing!

Central Manchester
Sunny says: Daisy and Tom store in central Manchester has an excellent feeding room with 3 resonable sized cubicles all with comfy slide chairs, 2 changing mats and a playpen for your older children. Clean, comfortable and relaxing!


Handforth Dean
Amanda: Marks and Spencers have a great BF area near the toilets between Tescos and M&S, also provide free nappies. Editors note: M&S seem pretty good everywhere - they seem happy to let BF mothers sit on the furniture to BF.

Fiona: I have fed several times in the M&S cafe [at Handforth Dean] and never had any problems, no one's batted an eyelid. The babychange room is clean with free nappies and there is a seat for BFing in but I've never used it prefering to have a cappucino for me and a juice for Lucy while Anna has some milk.
I have fed in John Lewis in both the cafes there many times and found it fine. The restaurant upstairs is difficult with a baby and a toddler in tow as it's self service, gets very busy over lunchtime and you have to queue up at a different place for different things so I don't go there unless I have DH/other adult with me, actually the downstairs cafe is as bad with both of them - so while it is BF friendly I wouldn't choose to go there with just the kids unless it was very quiet so that we wouldn't have to queue and the staff could help out.
I have also fed in the furniture dept at JL and the salesman assumed Anna was asleep. he told me i could stay there as long as I needed as the sofa I'd chosen to sit on was sold so no need for other customers to test it out LOL

Cheshire Oaks
Rachel says: I just wanted to let you know that I had a very positive first public feeding experience in the Starbucks in Borders bookshop at Cheshire Oaks. No nasty comments or glances, friendly staff, seems like it could be a regular occurrence for people to bf there.
The Boots store however is another matter, they have one of these feeding and changing rooms, it is disgusting, very dirty and smelly, just a hard chair behind a plastic curtain in the corner of the ladies toilets. I refused to feed my little one here, hence my trip to Starbucks.
Also the Mamas and Papas store on the Colisseum Retail Park (near Cheshire Oaks) are happy to let you feed in their changing room.
Shel: I breastfed my one year old in a seat in the outdoor cafe area, next to the burger van (very glamorous) at the Colliseum Retail Park and no one batted an eyelid.

Amanda: John Lewis has a nice quiet BF room - I find all JL stores are very mother and child friendly - even have someone to carry your tray to the table in the restaurant.

Amanda: Hoopers restaurant, no specific BF facilities, but comfy chairs in the cafe and lots of Mums and babies there during the day

Fiona:I have fed in Starbucks in Wilmslow and found them very child friendly.
Every time one of the staff has brought my tray to me. Same goes for Cafe Nero too. Pizza Express in Wilmslow is BF friendly too - the staff are very friendly and always make a fuss of both my little ones.

Mothercare Stockport - a BAD rating!!!!
Fi: "The shop assistant showed me where the room was. It STANK and both the change stations were dirty - no way was I lying [my daughter] on either of those. The shop assistant offered to fetch me some wipes so I could clean it myself to which I said 'erm I don't think so!' She told me they have a cleaner who cleans it in the morning....surely somewhere babies are being changed needs more than once a day? There was a padded bench thing on the other side of the room so I changed her there, I know people sit there to feed but I was very hygenic, I did what i always do and used my own towel to lay her on and left it spotless - shame not everyone does this or else it wouldn't be so disgusting...I got a slightly dirty look off a mum who came in and used one of the dirty stations which I ignored - if she wants to lay her baby down there where it stinks and there are bits of poo and food then fine but no way mine was going to be! To add insult to injury a fly flew out the stinky bin I used. Yuck won't be going in there again, next time I'll go somewhere else. No way I'd feed here either! "

Steph: I bf in the cafe at Arighi Bianchi (rather posh furniture store) and no-one really batted an eyelid. A waitress did also say that they had a room for bf downstairs too.


Steph says: I am planning to bf in a lovely cafe Project X near the Cavendish Arcade. They are very child friendly with lovely leather sofas and always help us manoeuvre huge pushchairs in and out. Lovely establishment and can't see bf being problem there either.

- Central England -

Please CONTACT US to let us know of any Breastfeeding Friendly places you know!



Stephen: The Stafford Gatehouse Theatre, in the Town Centre. When my wife had our second child we found the theatre restaurant a very friendly environment, and the staff are courteous and sympathetic to breastfeeding mothers. They proudly display 'Freedom to Feed' notices in their restaurant and mothers are encouraged to feed anywhere they like.

Amy: One of my favorite places to go if I need to BF is The Soup Kitchen in Stafford. It is a wonderful, warm and friendly family restaurant. The food is lovely, and they are totally at ease with BF, and children in general. They will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.
We also like the Cafe Nero in Stafford, I often pop in there while DH entertains the 2 older children. They big leather chairs are very comfortable, so you can sit back, have a cup of coffee, a muffin and BF in peace.

Dancing Dragons childrens play centre in Rugeley is great, its very clean and bright, and the children throughly enjoy themselves. They are very friendly, and there are signs up saying please feel free to BF here.

Sam: Ventura Retail Park , Babies R Us have 2 nice quiet air conditioned rooms (one mothers', one parents') with comfy chairs, cold water and door lock. Mothercare I haven't tried yet, but there is one and they generally have BF / mother / parent rooms
Jane adds: Ventura Park - the facilities at Mothercare are appalling! There is a bench next to the baby changing table which is in the ladies toilets! Not very nice to BF - who wants to eat in the toilets! I did write to Mothercare but they were a bit dismissive of it!

Jenny: In the town centre there are Surestart 'you are welcome to breastfeed your baby here' signs in some cafes. One that springs to mind is the one on the road opposite the post office and webberleys. There is also a baby feeding changing room in the top floor of The Potteries centre, and in one of the big high st chemists. Dimensions swimming pool at Burslem also had a breastfeeding friendly sign.

In Cheadle / Staffordshire Moorlands / Stoke-on-Trent there is a shop called Herbies which has a breastfeeding welcome sign on the door, they positively encourage mums to breastfeed, and have a chair provided and you can even use a back room as long as there's not a consultation going on. I have never had a problem breastfeeding in Hanley or anywhere in Staffordshire when out and about.


Liz: I live near Lincoln, and so far have found the following places good to feed in, I have had no comments and have seen plenty of other BF mums there:
Debenhams Cafe, local meet up place for lots of mums, very good as not only no coments, but they have a toy area for toddlers so they can play while you chat.
Waterside cafe: Again I have had no comments, and if I am in town, and need to feed, I can go and sit here, I also havent had to buy anything either.

Rachel: I fed Alice in Costa Coffee, no comments at all, people just looked at me and smiled.

Sarah says: The library has a BF friendly sticker on the door saying they welcome BFing.
Beans in Silver Lane are fab - they even sugared my coffee and buttered & jammed my teacake once. The church hall on Broad St does tea and coffee on Fridays, and are very nice.
Fratelli's were also lovely when I had to BF during dinner.
I have never had a bad experience in Stamford – though I think that the only baby change facilities are at the Arts Centre and Morrisons!  (They're the one's I've used so far anyway!)


Sarah says: I fed Alex on the sofa in Lands End Outlet shop, with no probs.  They also have a water and drinks machine (donation in charity box is what I do for my drink), and children's books.  I changed him on the floor of one of the changing cubicles: the ladies who work there were fine with that.

Flores on the High Street: The owner invited us all to come back with our babies when we met up before they were born.  Not a huge space for buggies, but very nice and friendly.  I fed Alex while having coffee.

Co-op welcomed BFing in their Café and will again once it has been rebuilt – the original was destroyed by fire Jul 2008.  I have fed Alex while shopping in their temporary store and while queuing – no-one noticed until I had to mention when staff wanted to see the baby!! ;-)


Catherine & Philip: Cafe Aroma is always full of BFing mums and has one table with sofas. There are no changing facilities, though, which is a shame.
Rachel says: In addition to comments made about Cafe Aroma in Abingdon, there is now a very good changing facility with ajoining loo.

The Broad Face pub: staff there were very welcoming of me BF my small baby. The Merry Miller pub at Cothill: no problem with me BF. Both pubs' waiting staff were happy to talk to me and baby while I was feeding, which made the whole experience feel very natural.

Boots in Oxford has a baby room with a glider chair in it (you can pull curtains round for privacy if you wish). However, there is also a changing station and I think toilet in there too.

I have BF quite happily in Mortons in the Covered Market, and also of course in Starbucks.

Rachel says - I have fed in BHS cafe, no problems.

Morris Lown Pub - this is my local and I have spent a good few weekends in the garden at the back enjoying the sun and feeding with no problems whatsoever, no real changing facilities though.

Rachel says - Millets farm Garden centre - fed in the cafe, no problems.

Burford Garden Centre - never been challenged in the restraunt but changing facilities are dingy and cramped (I have written to the manager about this).

Witney: Costa - never been challenged, staff happy to speak to me whilst I was feeding. Changing facilities ok.

Cowley Retail Park
Catherine: Boots. Horrid cubicle - basically a garden chair in a toilet. You couldn't possibly even wedge your knees in next to the stinking bin.
Mothercare: they seem inordinately proud of their small leather bench inside the ladies toilets. It's cold, it smells, there is no natural light, but they have decorated it with NHS BF promotion posters sellotaped to the walls. So that's all right then. I left and fed in the shoe fitting area which was very comfy (it wasn't busy though, otherwise I suspect I would have been challenged).


Amy: Enginuity is a childrens science museum in Telford that is pretty good too, we take the kids there quite often, and there is a little soft play area in the middle where there are nice places to sit and BF if you need to.
The shopping centre in Telford is great too, the baby changing facilities are very nice, and clean, and there is a lovely room with comfortable chairs for you to BF in.


Kate says: Summersault's is a fantastic, unique cafe/restaurant/boutique which is breastfeeding friendly. Lots of mums with little ones go there on a regular basis
Pizza Hut were happy to find us a table out of the way where I could breastfeed without being in everyone's full view!

West Midlands

Rachel: In the Touchwood Centre these is of course John Lewis with a most marvellous 'parents room', and all Mothercares have the mom and baby room nationwide I guess?
Lynne agrees: John Lewis is excellent. The baby changing facilities in the main toilet area for Touchwood are very good too, though I haven't investigated them for BFing

Heather: In the Town Centre shopping centre they have a mothers' feeding room with gliding chair, water machine, mags etc: it's lovely in there.

Heather: Mothercare up at Central Six is the best place - everywhere else seems to be a toilet. I feed my daughter in restaurants instead. I have fed her in BHS cafe many times and no one has ever said anything to me!
Kate: I would not recommend the nursing mothers room in West Orchards Shopping Centre at all - it was basically a toilet cubicle with a changing table and a chair and it smells like a public toilet. In addition, mums kept bringing older kids in to try to use the toilet in there to avoid queuing in the main toilets! I'd rather have breastfed in the open plan Food Court.

Claire says: Merry Hill Centre. There is a "parents room" with comfy chairs by Sainsburys. It also has lots of changing stations, microwaves etc. Dads welcome too. There is a curtained off area too if you want.

Sutton Coldfield
The North Birmingham PCT have produced a ‘breastfeeding welcome' pamphlet which lists all the bf friendly places in SC:

Places with bf rooms:
Beatties (lingerie dept. cruel irony!); Boots (by fragrance counter); M&S (by café revive)

‘BF welcomed' places:
(restaurants etc) Costa Coffee; Five; Starbucks; TGI Fridays; Druckers; Pizza Express; Three Cooks
(Shops etc) Adams; Argos; Ann Summers; Bank Clothing; Body Shop; BHS; Clarks Shoes; Evans; H&M; Laura Ashley; Mark One; Monsoon; Ottakars; River Island; Rohan; TK Maxx; Vision Express; Woolworths
('other') Toni & Guy; Sutton Library; Going Places; Thomson

New Oscott , Sutton Coldfield
Sam: Boots A chair and mat in a toilet. Not very pleasant, and taken up by a bottle feeder when I tried.
Tesco has achanging room with a chair. Can lock the door though.

Sam: Fort Retail Park, Mothercare has 2 rooms - one for mothers and one for parents. Parents has a toilet in (not very private for person going and not very pleasant if listening whilst feeding!). OK, but not very comfortable or that nice.
Boots has a changing table and a chair in ladies and gents toilets

Sam: Retail Park, Mothercare. Again, lovely quiet room with leather sofas and cold water. Separate changing and bottle feeding areas.

Birmingham City Centre
Rachel: I have fed Alice in a Next changing cubicle of all places as Alice was going into a mental fit! And they were really sweet about it!
Boots in town have a baby room which is cool….
I fed her in Costa Coffee in Brindley Place and there were other moms there BF-ing, few looks from folk but nothing awful!
Sam: Mothercare (not far from Bullring) - Very nice feeding room, leather sofas and gliding chairs in soft lit quiet room. Lynne updates us that bottlefeeding Mums are now allowed in here too.
Boots mother and baby room - clean but in same area as changing facility. chairs not that comfy.
Rackhams - huge cubicles, comfy seating, very clean.
BHS: small clean room but also with changing facilities, also ok to feed in cafe.
Pavilions shopping centre: curtained off feeding area alongside changing area - crampe though.
Debenhams: curtained off feeding area alongside changing area or you can feed on sofas outside room or in resturant or cafe
New Street Station: has a sit down area next to toilets. not designated for feeding but does job: 20p needed to get in though.
Bullring shopping centre SHOCKINGLY POOR. pull down stool behind door in changing area, can't even lock door so risk of baby being knocked out - use Debenhams.
Lynne adds: Debenhams is OK but not that great - there's a small cubicle off the changing area with annoying piped music and enough room for just one mum to breastfeed. But if you're not bothered about having privacy then there is seating in the lobby area outside the baby changing room. All in all I'd say it's better to walk the 5 mins to Mothercare if your baby isn't too frantic!

Kings Heath
Emily says - Gingers on Poplar Road are very happy to allow BF mothers. Also Cornerstone Cafe on York Road have loads of toys for toddlers and have no problem with BF.


Jane: Mothercare at St Georges Retail park - very good
Marks and Spencer at Fosse Park - excellent facilities, comfy chairs, cool etc.
In the Shires Shopping Centre - Toilet facilities at the end of the centre have dedicated BF rooms. They are private but only have a plastic chair. Not that comfy but still handy to have on a shopping trip!

Cold Overton
Sarah: Met up with another BF mum in Gates Nursery and we both fed our sons while we had lunch.  The ladies toilets has a changing mat too.

- The South of England -

Please CONTACT US to let us know of any Breastfeeding Friendly places you know!


Mothercare world - Nice feeding room with water available. Basic but ok (with comfy chairs)!

Papaji's House of Teas - Jenny writes: I am opening a tea house in Bristol and would like to register it as a nursing friendly environment.


Mothercare in the Grafton Centre has a separate feeding room from from the baby change area, which is nice and non-smelly with comfortable chairs.
Boots in town centre are just opening up a new baby room (the old one was poky and a bit smelly), it's spacious and clean although it is shared with the nappy change facilities.
Apparently it is fine to feed in M&S Cafe Revive, although I haven't been there myself.
I have fed in a cubicle in GAP - the staff are lovely!
Babies R Us has a good room with free nappies etc.
Robert Sayle apparently has a parents' room but the lifts are such a nightmare I've never attempted to find it! Cafes etc:
The Michaelhouse Cafe is BF-friendly and has a good baby change. All the Starbucks/Costa Coffees etc seem fine, partic. those in the bookshops (Waterstones has a nice baby change room/disabled loo with room for buggy, one floor below the Costa Coffee, in the children's section - not many people know about this!
I have fed in the Fitzwilliam Museum, no problem.
Kids' area in Borders has seats and steps that are surprisingly comfy.

I have also fed on the grass, sitting on walls, on the ground and so on. In 10 months I have not had a single problem or iffy look while Bfing, in fact if people do comment they just say how nice it is to see a baby being fed the 'proper' way! . Ellie & Bill


John Lewis restaurant on top floor at West Quay has a nicely lit area with lots of big leather chairs. Seems to be lots of mummies there bf and bottle-feeding. I always go there when I'm shopping in West Quay because its easy to get privacy and there is the security of other mums being there.

The little John Lewis in Southsea, has a waitress service restaurant. Again, it has lots of mummies with babies so you don't feel out of place when you are bf. The staff are used to seeing bf so they don't make you feel uncomfortable.
Claire says: "I have recently used a boots baby room in Portsmouth, it was clean and tidy with a curtained section for breastfeeding. It was very comfy with a proper nursing rocking chair.
Also in the cascade shopping centre they have a feeding/ disabled toilet which is in the same area but seperate to the ladies toilets which is also comfy however you have a toilet staring at you. Gunwharf quays shopping centre has a lovely feeding/disabled toilet with a bed in to feed, very clean and comfortable."


Charlotte: I recommend Centre Parcs at Sherwood Forest if anyone goes there, I BF on the beach by the lake, in one of the restaurants on a huge comfy sofa and even by the poolside in my cossie. It's a very busy place so you are bound to be noticed but noone minded at all. I did check out the baby feeding rooms as I was leaving and they are lovely and clean with a big comfy sofa and separate changing room.

Mothercare is ok although it includes baby changing and a very uncomfy seat.
Asda has a big baby changing and feeding room in Mansfield but I must admit a bit smelly.

Drayton Manor Park
Erica: I've fed at Drayton Manor Park ok, but not comfy because they have those stupid tables everywhere that have the chairs fixed in place. Not good when u have a big chest and trying to squash a baby in!!

Tesco in Ollerton, Newark, I fed in the cafe there so didn't check out the baby room, no problems there.
A little cafe in Ollerton called the Picnic Basket where I meet my friend, was ok feeding in there, no one seemed to have any problems with it and I felt very comfortable as there was a mirror all down one side wall so I could keep checking nothing was on show.

Erica: Broadmarsh Centre has a baby feeding room thats ok with a couple comfy chairs.
Lise says: Boots in Vic Centre, baby room is not bad, bit small but has a proper nursing chair and free nappies/wipes etc if needed. Also has an Avent food/bottle warmer, useful for when weaning. Staff have always been friendly to me.
Starbucks (All 3 branches in Notts town centre) lovely comfy chairs! have fed here many many times, and always get approving looks from both staff and customers which is nice :) feel nice and relaxed supping coffee and feeding :)
Jessops - Not great! The so called "Baby Room" is just a toilet with a fold down changing mat with no chair in it! I went in there when Grace was young, and was still getting used to feeding in public (was very frightened!) and was gutted to the point of almost sobbing when I saw how crap Jessops were. Hopefully this has improved in the last year.
Vic Centre Baby Room, again not great. Clean, and smells fine, has 2 cubicles at the end with a piccy of a bottle on the door, went in there to feed Grace once, but couldn't fit buggy in (Which was loaded with shopping) and I was alone, so sat in there, with door open, a couple walked in, saw what I was doing, made a snotty comment and walked back out! I wasn't even in full view, mostly tucked away behind the door. Also, my purse was pinched in there at Xmas!


Julie: John Lewis. Clean and bright area which is curtained off. Chairs aren't fantastically comfortable but are okay. Mothercare: Seperate BF area with rocking chairs and footstool.

Jo: I live near Windsor and have fed hassle-free in all the usual places- Costa, Starbucks, Puccinos.
Windsor Great Perk in the station has very friendly staff and nice high backed chairs which make you feel quite discreet (also has sofas if you're lucky) and is air conditioned (about the only place that is). Has a changing table in the disabled loo which is OK ish.
I've not had to feed there (yet) but Don Beni pizzeria is, although small, very baby friendly - gave us a table for four to accomodate pram even though they were busy.
Maybe I'm just ignorant but haven't noticed any "attitude" in any of the local cafes / restaurants.
The Palmer Arms in Dorney is very baby-friendly if you want something quite posh to eat. Have often bf'd in their garden this summer and before I had dd visited with a friend's very lively toddler who was made very welcome.
Have just realised that although full of mums and babies I've NEVER seen anyone bf out and about here... Windsor mummies need to get their boobies out!!!
Also, must add the Green Olive restaurant in Windsor. When we phoned to book we mentioned that we'd have a baby with us (it's quite a "grown up" looking place) - they said that they loved babies! They let us choose the most appropriate table even though as the evening went on the place was full, gave our daughter lots of fuss and didn't bat an eyelid when I breastfed her throughout dinner. I don't think that they have changing facilities but definitely a gold star for attitude!


BF section within babycare centre on top floor by food court.

Lou: Williams and Griffin department store. Good but small baby changing room with 2 chairs and curtains round them for BFing. Signs up in cafe saying they're BF friendly anywhere but have that facility too.

Minories Art Centre (near the bus stop) lovely garden cafe, very bfing friendly.

Lou: Mothercare has massive changing room and separate BFing room. Didn't use BF room but judging by high standard of change facilities, I reckon it's good.


Deb says: I manage a shop called 'Weald Society for the Disabled' in Ockley Road, Hawkhurst Kent, close to Peter Buswell Estate Agents (Postcode TN18 4DP). We have a cosy side room set by that we occasionally use for servicing hearing aids and so on. It seems a shame for it to be sitting empty when it could be put to good use at other times. I was wondering whether I could offer use of the room to passing mums who would like somewhere they can feed their baby in a laid back atmosphere where no one will huff 'n' puff about it.
I may even throw in a cuppa if the shop isnt too busy. :o)

Frances says: "Just wanted to recommend both zizzis and costa coffee in Maidstone. Both venues are utterly accommodating and happy to help the nursing mother"


Lise: Tescos at "The Meadows" in Sandhurst - I`ve fed numerous occasions in the cafe and even once at the end of a till; Spec Savers, whilst waiting for my mum. The manager of the store was chatting to me and looking at her/talking to her while i fed her - AND he was MALE! I also had lovely compliments from a lady customer who told me i was doing the best thing i could by feeding her :D:D:D:D Everyone else just carried on as if i wasn`t there 'cept for one lady customer who obviously did feel a little uncomfy - Oddly she was young with her own child whereas the lady praising me was old! McDonalds; Littlewoods Cafe, tho this is now a Primark without a cafe; Main Square; Camberley Library (at Rhymetime)

Frimley Lodge Park (in the park and the cafe); Frimley Park Hospital - In wards visiting, Waiting in A&E waiting area and on childrens ward - was praised there when Twigs was in last weekend :D

Lise: Mother & Toddlers; Hungry Horse

Wendy: I've fed in Burger King, Mcdonalds, B&B muffins, on a bench in the middle of town, and at the under one's group. I don't think anyone has noticed me feeding or if they have, I've never had any looks or comments.

Lynne: The Friary centre has two rooms on the foodcourt level (top) which are for baby changing/food preparation and bf. Although you do have the changing unit in the same room it is quite nice really, i was impressed that you can have a room to yourself and also that there are microwaves available (useful for early weaning days).

Zoe: The main shopping center in the town has a very nice changing/feeding unit. There are two of them. They include and chair, nappy changing facilities and seperate loo. Of course it might smell of nappies sometimes but mostly it is clean and comfy. Debenhams has a changing facility in also, with a lock if you want privacy.
And that is about it. There are benches outside and I have used them before. I have not used any of the cafes although I have BF in the main food hall and I have seen other Mums do this also.

Theme Parks
Clare: We went to Chessington World of Adventures a while ago and they have a nursing mothers room, (with a very uncomfortable chair) The only trouble with it was that it didn't have a lock on the door and it was cleaned by a male cleaner who just walked straight in without knocking. Baby was only a month old then so I was still nervous about feeding in public and it completely embarrassed me! The room is marked on the map.
We went to Thorpe Park last week and there was nothing marked on the map, so I asked at the information desk. I was told that there wasn't anywhere to feed him (it was a chilly day so didn't really want to get boob out outside, lol!) None of the baby changing rooms even had a chair in them. Then just as we were leaving my husband spotted a sign for the nursing mothers room, but didn't tell me until we had left so I didn't get to check it out. You would have thought the staff would know it was there though!


Emma says: Mothercare is by far the best place to breastfeed: they have a separate feeding room, with nice rocking chairs, dim lights, a water machine and complimentary breast pads.
John Lewis - nice clean changing/feeding room with one upright chair which is sectioned off from the main changing area
Jarrolds has two separate feeding areas, one upright chair on its own with changing facilities (the room pongs a bit!) and a curtained off area in the main toilets which is pleasant enough
M&S - Changing/feeding room - clean and serves its purpose, also has a toilet which is quite good, as it saves having to worry about what to do with the pram when you need to go yourself
House of Fraser - clean feeding/changing room with toilet, also fed in cafe Nero within the store, fairly dim and discreet

Great Yarmouth
Emma: Tescos - brilliant room, lovely and clean, free nappies in all sizes and a fairly pleasant place to feed
Boots - awful, dirty smelly, had to leave and go back to the car to feed!


Sarah says: Geneva Cafe on the High street. BF friendly sticker on the door & very friendly people. It's a lovely little cafe & they are happy for you to breastfeed in the cafe. The change area is effectively a change mat you put on the floor in the toilets, but you can't have everything!
Also Mothercare in Lowestoft (near the library) has a reasonable feeding area & Boots in the main part of the town has a small feeding/change room with a chair in it.


Boscombe (Sovereign Centre)
Cafe Pacifico. Has a 'breastfeeding welcome' sticker on the till and is very friendly. Also have seen many mums bf on the benches in the Sovereign Centre.

Anna: I don't often go into the town centre so there may be some good places but there is no Mothercare and Boots doesn't have a baby room. On the other hand I have fed Mary-Ann sat on a bench in the gardens and at Pier Approach and it's been fine.

Asda has a mother and baby room, not brilliant but once when it was closed because of a maintenance problem they opened up the room especially for me to go and bf. They were also willing to find an office or room for me if they couldn't get the keys to the baby room.

Martin writes: We are happy to allow breastfeeding at The Clay Studio, a pottery painting cafe. We have baby changing facilities and mothers can breastfeed in the main area or upstairs in private (sometimes) if they wish. You don't have to paint as we are a fully licensed cafe as well.
12a Castle Street BH23 1DT


Kara: I have bf in restaurant in Tesco, Ashford (Middlesex, not Kent) and the staff were lovely. They gave me one those knowing smiles and asked if I needed anything.


Mothercare A busy feeding room, but away from changing area so fairly peaceful! Comfy feeding chairs and sofa, a few books and puzzles for little siblings if you have them with you. Water available and probably the best feeding 'room' i've fed in!

Cribbs Causeway
John Lewis (The Mall) Basic feeding room, busy at times, right next to changing area though. Costa Coffee (at Cribbs) Fed a few times here with no probs, just sat in the corner! Don't know if anyone noticed me feeding or not, no-one said anything!

Debenhams Feeding/Changing room right on the top floor. No special facilities for feeding, chairs next to changing area (uncomfy!) Stroud Not sure that I have ever fed in town but Angels Cafe are very friendly with a nice sofa, (friends have fed in there if I haven't!) Woodruffs Cafe have a similar reputation and The cafe in Withys Yard is also ok (I think i fed in there once!)

Rachel says - I have fed in the Garden Centre cafe, no problems. limited changing facilities.


Rachel says - I have fed in BHS cafe, no problems


M1 Watford Gap Services (Roadchef) Southbound.
Catherine: The chairs and tables in the restaurant area are fixed to the ground - unless you and your baby are tiny there is no room to BF at the table. The Costa Coffee tables and chairs are fine though.


Kaylee: Endsleigh Garden Centre - Mother & Baby Parking, Large restaurant with plenty of room for pushchairs, Staff always helpful carrying your coffee and cake. They now have Starbucks Franchise! Baby Changing room and will heat up any bottles/food for you.

Dingles – Large restaurant with Kiddie area, plenty of room for pushchairs. Microwave available for heating things up. Tv in kiddies area. Baby changing room: small but well organised.
Derry's Store – Restaurant has smoking/non-smoking area. Baby Changing room has seats available for breast feeding, small but well equipped.

South Molton
Lauren Bryce-Matthews from Truly Scrumptious opposite The Old Coaching Inn on King Street has been intouch to tell us about her new business, opened 15th January 2009
If you have visted this venue, please let us know so we can give 'user' feedback.
"Truly Scrumptious is a family friendly café and has been born out of our belief that what children eat is an important aspect of growing up and of family life. Our "no junk" children's menu consists of home-made lunches suitable for children aged 12 months plus. From sweet potato & lentil patties, ham & scrambled eggs, pasta and sandwich shapes for younger children to soup, freshly made sandwiches and pasta for older children.  Our children's drinks consist of milkshake, squash, milk and hot chocolate. We have age appropriate plates, bowls, cups and cutlery for children as well as feeding spoons and bibs for babies. We also stock organic jarred baby food and are breastfeeding friendly as well as having a bottle/food warmer.  We aim for both children and adults to have a positive eating experience when they visit Truly Scrumptious.
The café incorporates a children's play area which consists of a tiny table and chairs, books, toys and a popular tea set. The play area is geared towards the under 4s but is open to any child and has books for older readers.  The café also has highchairs and baby changing facilities. 
"Our adult drinks menu consists of fair-trade coffee and tea, our own chai tea recipe, hot chocolate, herbal teas and Luscombe Farm Organic drinks. Our adult lunch menu consists of freshly made sandwiches, ciabattas, baguettes, bagels, pates, soup and regular specials including toasted bagel with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. We only use free range chicken and eggs and where possible source local produce. We also offer home-made cakes and biscuits, teacakes and crumpets."
Opening times - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9am-5pm, Wednesday 10am-3pm, Saturday 9am-3pm, Sunday closed 


Hannah: When we were in Cornwall last year, we went to the Mad Hatter's Tea Shop and they were lovely. There isn't a lot of space there, but they have toys and books for children to look at while you're having tea, and the woman who runs it made a really nice comment to me about breastfeeding Miri (who was then 13 months old). The cream teas were lovely too, and she brought an extra little bowl of raspberries (free of charge) for Miri because she could see her enjoying them.

The Eden Project
As you might expect, this place is full of BF babies!

East Sussex

Mothercare has a lovely nursing room, with glider chairs and stools, soft lighting and a water cooler. I would avoid Boots though, as their baby room always smells awful!

I have fed loads of times in the Costa coffee shop in Lewes, the staff are lovely and all co over baby! They have fielded a complaint about my feeding as well and told me not to worry (the only time anyone one has ever commented on my feeding!) I generally just feed him wherever I am when he gets hungry though.


Hemel Hempstead
Marlowes Shopping Centre has baby changing facilites with a breastfeeding area. It's normally quite clean and not smelly.

Welwyn Garden City
John Lewis has a newly refurbished baby area close to the children's section for feeding and changing babies
Marks and Spencer have no dedicated areas for feeding but will always allow a mother to use a cubicle for feeding. Changing facilities are in the disabled toilet area.
Pizza Hut - Allow mothers and babies to breastfeed anywhere in the restaurant

Tesco has a dedicated feeding and changing areas

One mum says: Harlequin shopping centre has baby changing facilites also with a breastfeeding area, beside a toilet. The breastfeeding area is really small, would only fit one BF mother, and because it is beside a toilet smells. I tend to feed in Starbucks in Watford and London Coloney and there are normally other BF mums too.
Boots, Harlequin Centre has a separate Baby Room with changing facilities, curtains and milk warming facilities.

Isle of Wight

Thorntons Cafe is a great place for BFing: I always make a beeline for there if Max wants a feed while we are out, and I can enjoy a hot chocolate while he has his milk... oh, and the free choccie with your drink is a definate bonus!

Pizza Hut in Newport are really good too:the staff are really helpful and asked if I wanted anything while I was feeding. One girl made sure my drink never ran out and said she knew how thirsty BF makes you as her sister BF her 2 children.

The Heights is also very BF friendly: the staff are helpful and will happily warm up baby food.

Greater London

Kara: Mothercare have a fantastic breastfeeding room. It is a brand new room with gliding chairs & stools, magazines, spare breast pads. They have a cold water dispenser and, quite impressively, the staff turn on lovely relaxing lullaby music when they see you go in. There is also a separate feeding room with bottle warmers.

Kara: As mentioned, Boots in Staines seem to have a healthy attitude to breastfeeding. The rooms have a curtained section if needed and, although it is combined with the changing facilities, it is kept clean and doesn't smell like a lot of the combined rooms!
Debenhams. This store also seems to have a good attitude towards bf. Their seats are very comfortable and there is a lock on the door if needed. This is kept very clean too. The staff in the restaurant were very helpful and even though I haven't bf Cameron in the restaurant they are happy to provide warm water or heat up children's food etc (unlike many other restaurants I have visited!)

Central London
Marika: If any of you are shopping on Oxford Street, it's worth knowing that there's a bf room in Selfridges, quite peaceful with nursing chairs. (On the 3rd floor, I think, next to women's clothes.) I was Christmas shopping there last year and visited that room about 4 times during the course of the day!

Hannah: John Lewis in Oxford Street has a very nice feeding room.

East London
Selbourne Walk shopping centre in Walthamstow has a good feeding/nappy change area although unfortunate plug sockets right above the changing area (just the right place for little fingers).


Please CONTACT US to let us know of any Breastfeeding Friendly places you know!

Mothercare have a 'nursing lounge' which is a seperate room for b/feeding with very comfy rocking chairs and a big leather sofa. There's also a water cooler (thirsty work!!)

I have fed my baby in both Swansea and Cardiff train stations with no problems at all, in Cardiff I fed in the waiting room and in Swansea both on the platform and in the car directly outside!

I have fed in the Westgate pub in Canton Cardiff, they were great as I was having lunch and was asked if I was okay eating while feeding or if they could help by cutting up the food or keeping it hot until I was done.

Rhiannon says - I would like to put forward 'Bar Clonc' on Cowbridge Road in Cardiff. It is a relaxed cafe that is happy for mothers to breastfeed, and has plenty of toys to keep toddlers amused. That's not to say that it is just for those with kids - the menu is excellent and the service is friendly and efficient. The Welsh Assembly are starting a campaign to recognise BF friendly venues, and I have recently nominated this cafe.

I have also fed in M&S changing rooms a number of times when I couldnt find anywhere else nice to sit, they were great and didnt rush me even though I was once in there for 45 minutes.

Sara: Verdi's ice cream parlour in Mumbles (nr Swansea) is also fine providing you don't mind sitting on regular chairs (no comfy feeding chairs/armchairs). There's a changing table in the Disabled toilet but this was disappointingly dirty.

I BF in Marks and Spencer's, both Culverhouse Cross and Fforestfach. They have a room dedicated to feeding and changing and both were very clean and comfy.

I've also BF in Starbucks (above Borders Bookshop) in Fforestfach and had no problems. It was only comfy because I managed to bag one of their armchairs though!

Badly catered for Mums in general, not just BF Mums! Their Boots don't even have facilities for feeding or changing!All the hotels and restaurants are smoky, so either feed in your car or avoid the place altogether! Sara

Builth Wells
Maria says:I breastfed upstairs in the Welsh Black Beef cafe in the Royal Welsh Showground. They were very accommodating and upstairs was nice and quiet with good views of the showground too!

North Wales
Zoe says: Both Conwy and Gwynedd publish a list of breastfeeding friendly premises - available through the council websites.
Personal recommendations - Gwynedd - Pete's Eat's, Llanberis; Caban, Bryn Refail; Bryn Tyrch, Capel Curig - but I tend to feed wherever I am and haven't received any complaints yet!


Tracy says: As Scotland has made it illegal to stop BF where children are allowed, there are now many more opportunities to find a comfy sofa in a pub, order some food and have a nice feed.
"The BF legislation does give me more confidence, and no woman should feel at risk of being told off now.

Please CONTACT US to let us know of any Breastfeeding Friendly places you know!


Anne says: I live in Edinburgh and have found the 'Edinburgh for under 5s' book helpful for finding bf friendly places and places with changing facilities. To be honest I'm quite relaxed about bf in public (we do have the law here in Scotland which helps) and have found that finding decent changing facilities more of a problem when out and about .

Here's my (long ) list of places in Edinburgh:
Best place of all has to be John Lewis .They have a great bf and change room . Really big, comfy seats, lovely view , toddler toys, water fountain, easy access, very clean, super big loo that you can get a buggy into with a toddler sized loo in it too! It is really well thought out. The Glasgow branch has a good room too but nothing compares to Edinburgh JL. The 4th floor cafe in John Lewis is also v good. Staff are helpful and there's a section with nice sofas - you always see a lot of bf mums there .
Along Princes Street I have also fed in Jenners (feeding and changing room). Friendly assistant but bf room smells a bit like a loo .
M&S I have fed in the Cafe Revive in the ladies' M&S on the comfy sofa. That was fine. Frasers cafe was fine to feed in too.
When the weather is nice I have sat in Princes street gardens and bf no problem - once did this in January too when we were just starting out and I didn't know where else to go. We also sit out on the Meadows a lot in the summer and feel comfortable there.
Hendersons cafe and bistro is comfy with helpful staff and free water.
The Traverse theatre downstairs cafe/bar is unexpectedly child friendly. There is lots of space and friendly staff.
In Bruntsfield the Eric Liddel centre cafe actually displays a bf friendly sticker and is always full of groups of mums and babes.
In Newington the Engine Shed Cafe (ST Leonards Lane) is good, and also has very yummy cheap healthy food! The Fort retail park seems to be where most of Edinburgh's mummies hang out! Early Learning Centre has a nice feeding room - comfy chairs, water. Starbucks in Borders books is always full of mums many of them bfing. I have bf in the upstairs cafes in both WH Smith and Clinton cards . The cafe in Clinton is often quite quiet.

Mothercare has a feeding room too but I have never used it since there are too many other places around to use where I can drink tea at the same time ! It looks ok though.

Ikea cafe is fine for feeding especially if you manage to grab the lone sofa !

My only negative experience so far has been at the Gyle Shopping Centre . We went just after Christmas when Esmé was tiny and the cafe was quite smoky so I went to the changing/nursing room: not nice! Big changing facilities which were good but the feeding arrangement was a wooden chair in the corner surrounded by a shower curtain so you were in a tiny cubicle !If you didn't shut the curtain you were exposed to the cafe everytime anyone came in the room - not ideal when you're having problems latching on! It also smelled like a toilet.

Forgot to say, around Princes St - Ottakers bookshop cafe on George St - nice comfy chairs and lots of doting granny types . If you're ever feeling down about you and your baby go there: at least one granny will come and coo over your LO.

There are lots of other places I've found to be fine - Museum of Scotland, Portrait Gallery, Dean Gallery - pretty much everywhere really, but it's good to have some tried and tested favourites to rely on.

Merith: I visted a friend in Edinburgh today - she has a 12 week old baby and bf is going great for her (after c-section). She told me her fave place to bf in Edinburgh is John Lewis as they have a really nice 'parenting' room with seating area for bf, or sometimes she visits the cafe and has a coffee.


Hamble: I've just been to Aberdeen to visit my mum (I'm from there). I fed in lots of places and found it to be absolutely fine. I can recommend McPherson's cook shop and coffee shop in Inverurie. I saw other mums bf at the cafe tables.


Natalie: Glasgow Airport arrivals section has a nice baby room for changing which also has a comfy chair for breastfeeding and a lock on the door. I didn't check the departure lounge baby room I just fed in the chairs there.
Braehead shopping centre has a large baby care area. A big seating area and changing area but it also has a private seating area for breastfeeding mums only and is nice.

MAry says: John Lewis in glasgow has a good Mother / Baby room but nothing compares to Edinburgh - see above

Tracy says: Frasers, Buchanan St
Coffee shop on the 3rd Floor (can't remember the name) has lovely couches, and great coffee. Everytime I go I receive approving looks from ladies in the cafe (and of course it is very nice to receive the praise). Love feeding here - even the teenagers don't bat an eyelid. Baby changing on the 3rd floor too.

Debenhams, Glasgow
Changing and feeding room
I generally don't use feeding rooms if I can go to a cafe, and this is why (was used as a meeting point with my mum)...but Ugh, who wants to feed while smelling poo nappies, watching other women change bums. It is located just beside the other toilets, which have big queues - loads of people barge in to see if they can use the 'toilet in the feeding room' (there isn't one), but if you were shy about BF in public, there wouldn't be too much chance of privacy anyway. There are also lots of women bottlefeeding too, although why they would choose to do it in there is beyond me. Just walk round the corner to Frasers instead.

Mothercare, Sauchiehall St
Did use this feeing room just after Ruari was born, as I was practising Bf in public - nice rocking chairs, music and water provided. (Edited to say - this room is for breastfeeders only. There is a changing table, but it is clean and so no piles of stinking nappies)

Have to say that I can't really remember good/bad as I have not had any problems feeding in public, although occasionally get a 'funny' look in the cafe at ASDA, Toryglen. However, most of the customers seem to have trolleys packed with pizzas and lager, so clearly nutrition is clearly not at the top of the agenda in any case.

Northern Ireland

Please CONTACT US to let us know of any Breastfeeding Friendly places you know!

Sarah: I fed Jack at the table in the restaurant '55 Degrees North' and they were very sweet - delaying the bill and clearing our table for quite a while while he guzzled.

Sarah: I've been told there is a very nice feeding room, seperate from the changing room in the basement of the Diamond Shopping Centre. Moores also apparently has a baby room but it isn't as nice.

Mothercare has a room where you can pop in and use: it has water and you don't need to be buying anything either. I haven't used it myself yet as haven't needed to, but the staff are very pleasant and keep reminding me it is there if I ever need it, on the few occasions I've been in there.

Please CONTACT US to let us know of any Breastfeeding Friendly places you know