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We provide impartial infant feeding information for those involved in the care of infants in the United Kingdom, whether they breastfeed, or are bottlefed, or a bit of both.

We believe that informed choice is essential to parents and carers, and that the companies who make infant formula cannot provide impartial information about their products. We feel that parents and parents-to-be are not currently provided with sufficient information to make fully informed choices, so we will publish articles, impartial comparisons and up-to-date research findings, reviews, news and comments on the world of infant feeding, as we get them.

We have extensive experience in supporting mothers who choose to breastfeed, and in offering information to help them have the best breastfeeding experience possible. We fully support the recommendations of the UK Government's Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) in their 2008 Position Statement based on the 2005 Infant Feeding Survey, for hospitals and communities to implement a structured programme like UNICEF's BabyFriendly Initiative (BFI).


For those who choose, or find themselves formula feeding, we have set up this site in response to the SACN's Position Statement, above, which recommends "Parallel to the promotion and support of breastfeeding practices, there is a need to provide clear, independent professional advice on infant formula and follow-on formula, particularly among hard-to-reach groups of mothers. Advertising of infant formula has been proscribed in the UK for some time; the Regulations must be rigorously enforced and consideration given to restricting all other forms of marketing communication. It is vital that all parents and carers who choose to give their babies infant formula are offered appropriate and tailored advice on formula feeding, to ensure this is undertaken as safely as possible."


At InfantFeeding.Info, we aim to address health inequalities through providing education and information to empower parents and carers of babies, in making decisons around infant feeding.
This website should provide everything you need to know to minimise health risks to your baby by educating yourself.

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