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Call for appropriate infant feeding in Haiti - 21st January 2010
Rickets warning as Vitamin D deficiency widens - 22nd January 2010
Danish government to fund research into oligosaccharides - 19th January 2010
Heinz infant formula ad banned over misleading baby health claims - 13th January 2010
Breastfeeding over 6m could aid long term mental health - 12th January 2010
Norwegian study finds link betw hormone levels in pgy & ability to BF - 6th January 2010
Breastfeeding should be promoted in Neonatal Units
- research - 16th December 2009
Synthetic DHA and ARA in infant formula is causing illness - 9th November 2009
Contaminated infant formula suspected in two Cronobacter infections - 3rd November 2009
The truth about sleeping with baby - 16th October 2009
Lactoferrin cuts blood infections in premmies by 2/3rds - 6th October 2009
Formula fed babies sleep less well at night - 2nd October 2009
Formulae without long chain fatty acids may impair babies' cognitive development - 18 Sep 09
Drugs used to treat bleeding after birth may inhibit initial milk production - 1st Septr 2009
Colic in Babies may be caused by gut bacteria - 25th July 2009
WHO reviews its antiretroviral recommendations for BFing women with HIV - 24th July 2009
Two thirds of women will not breastfeed because they are self conscious - 9th July 2009
Breastfeeding protects tiny intestines - 3rd July 2009
No benefit seen with special infant formula - June 23rd 2009
Leaked Industry Memo prompts warning re BPA - June 22nd 2009
Anxious Parents Misdiagnose Milk Formula Intolerance - June 22nd 2009
Breastfeeding Associated with higher grades - June 15th 2009
Wiltshire Man drinks daughter's breastmilk to combat cancer - June 13th 2009
Breastfeeding Associated With A Reduced Likelihood Of Postpartum MS Attacks - June 11th 09
Should we leave babies to cry? June 9th 2009
Breastfeeding Cuts Metabolic Syndrome - June 8th 2009
Survey aims to identify ways to increase breastfeeding rates - May 26th 2009
Rice milk arsenic warning - May 21st 2009
Maternity Units accused of not teaching women how to breastfeed - May 11th 2009
Mothers who breastfeed less likely to have heart attacks or strokes- April 21st 2009
The Voldemort Approach - Mar 9th 2009
Drug-using women should breastfeed their babies - Mar 4th 2009
Breastfeeding cuts cot death risk in half - Mar 2nd 2009
Breastfeeding is not the cause of droopy boobs! - Mar 1st 2009
Breastfeeding may protect against multiple sclerosis relapse - Feb 25th 2009
45% consumers don't read product labels - Feb 23rd 2009
Study launched into incidence of hypernatraemic dehydration in UK infants - Feb 18th 2009
Toddlers less able to detox arsenic than infants - Bangladeshi study - Feb 6th 2009
Breast-feeding may help protect babies from neglect - Jan 26th 2009
Higher DHA Levels Improve Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Premature Girls - Jan 26th 2009
Babies, Bacteria & Breast Milk: Genome Sequence Reveals Evolutionary Alliance
- Jan 14th 09
Consumer group: FDA melamine guidelines unsafe - Jan 9th 2009
Breastfeeding Associated With a Lower Risk of Asthma - 2nd January 2009
EBM as 'connection' and the effect of BF on feelings of 'motherhood' for mothers of premmies - Australian qualitative study - Dec 17th 2008
Benefits of BF outweigh risk of Infant Exposure to Environmental Toxins in BM - Dec 16th 2008
Study to examine how BF impacts cost of care for low birth weight infants - Dec 16th 2008
Vitamin D Deficiency in Infants & BF Mothers Carries Long-Term Disease Risks - Dec 16th 2008
Self Employed Women More Likely to Breastfeed - Australian study - Dec 9th 2008
WHO makes recommendations on melamine tolerance levels - Dec 5th 2008
Pregnancy Weight Gain More Easily Lost by Breastfeeders - Dec 5th 2008
Death of Infant in US linked to formula - Dec 4th 2008
5m old baby hospitalised with water intoxication as parents over-dilute - Dec 2nd 2008
Breastfeeding reduces pain in newborns having heel prick tests - Nov 20th 2008
Lungs 'boosted' by breastfeeding - Nov 10th 2008
Soy protein renders womb unsuitable for pregnancy - Nov 7th 2008
Researchers look for link between breastfeeding & lowered risk of obesity - Oct 28th 2008
Health Inequality - Article for the Information Portal of the Public Sector - Oct 27th 2008
How Breastfeedng Transfers Immunity to Babies - Oct 27th 2008
Canada to limit BisphenolA in baby bottles - Oct 19th 2008
Breastmilk purged of HIV virus by a nipple shield- Sept 22nd 2008
Scotland's plans to boost breastfeeding rates - Sept 14th 2008
Breastfeeding reduces the risk of cot death - Apr 30th 2008
Iron status in exclusively breastfed infants - March 1st 2008
Breastfeeding is Protective Against Dental Fluorosis - 2003

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